How To Find A Remote Job (Even If You've Never Worked Remotely Before)

Updated: Mar 17

Finding a remote job is not like finding a job on your local city's craigslist site. If you want to get hired the right way, then you want to employ these strategies, because they're steps that will help you avoid looking unprofessional and approach your search as someone who is experienced in the business world. There are so many key elements to getting hired that the majority of humans have no idea about because the majority of humans do not work in Human Resources or Career Services. The Hiring Industry has so many loops that they throw at potential candidates for a myriad of reasons, but the main one is that it is an elitist society.

The remote job market has grown substantially in the last several years, offering more opportunities for telecommuting than ever before. It's now easier than ever to find remote jobs and get hired from a home office too.

When you are beginning a new job search, you need to figure out which companies are hiring, whether they have open roles, what types of people are making the hiring decisions, and also the mission statement of the company. You need to use this information in your resume because these will help you land a great job you truly love.

Here are some tips & tricks that we use when digging up information on remote companies:

  • Check out a potential employer’s social media accounts to get a sense of how they engage online and what kind of content they share

  • Research how much a company pays employees in your role to help figure out if the cost will be worth it

  • Search the name of the CEO on Google and send them your resume and cover letter

  • Build a network of LinkedIn connections with the company and its employees

Job search is a time-consuming and exhausting process if you aren’t sure what to do. Our services can help you determine opportunities that are right for you, professionally, and personally!

Our resume service packages always include LinkedIn Profile optimization. Our clients have received many job offers from recruiters on the site because we make their profiles more appealing, attractive, and garners the right type of attention from recruiters.

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